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I’m Kathryn and I’m glad you’re here! My husband and I grew up just 10 minutes apart from each other, but it took a trip to Guatemala for us to meet. That was nearly two decades ago and since then we’ve continued to travel together and eventually with our kids.

While I sometimes dream of traveling full-time, I’m lucky that my home is in the foothills of the Wasatch Mountains in Utah with many wild and wonderful places nearby! As a family, we also travel together – far and wide – as often as possible throughout the year.


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I get it, it’s hard to travel with kids! Believe me, we’ve faced a lot of obstacles. For instance, we hit a deer on a road trip to New York City, while flying in Thailand the cockpit of our airplane filled with smoke mid-air, our luggage has been lost too many times, and we had an Emergency Room visit in Thailand for our son…just to name a few.

You might be thinking – at least your kids are great, experienced travelers! Actually, they’re kind of awful, at least until they are 4 or 5 years old. Even then, there’s fighting, whining, and the works. Last summer, our toddler didn’t sleep for even one minute in 24 hours of plane travel from Utah to Tahiti!

Traveling is expensive, time-consuming, and such a hassle! We ask ourselves all the time, WHY do we do this?

You could say that we’re in search of those elusive golden moments–those brief moments when time stands still, and all seems right in the world. Those are the moments that make all the trouble worth it.

There has never been one trip – be it a road trip to do some hiking in Arches or a flight halfway across the world to see what Copenhagen has to offer – that we’ve regretted. The good has always outweighed the hard.


Research shows that spending time outside benefits the mind, body, and soul.

I’ve seen the benefits in my life: A daily walk outside during a hard time healed my soul. Enrolling my preschooler in a local forest school greatly improved his behavior. I feel grounded in the mountains and my soul is expanded when I stand on an ocean shore.

My goal is to help you get outside through providing a bit of inspiration or helpful information because I know it’s hard to get out!

There are so many barriers. It’s hot, rainy, or cold, or our kids don’t want to, or we’re tired, (or how about we just turn on Netflix)?

Yet, we do it! Sometimes it’s just be a quick afternoon picnic or hike up Provo Canyon or a weekend camping trip to Goblin Valley State Park. Once it was a six-and-a-half week motorhome trip in the Pacific Northwest. Another time, and possibly our favorite family vacation, was plopping down on a pristine beach in Moorea, French Polynesia for an entire month.

Traveling far and wide outside is what I do best with my family (or at times, you could say it’s what we do worst, but still do anyway).

I hope you’re inspired to go far and wide outside with your family!

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